Radish fetish….


Radish fetish....

Catching up on myself here…been a silly busy week, so much so that i have barely been able to lift glass to lips before I have nodded off some nights. So…before tonight’s proper post – i.e. what I have just eaten..here is a look back at food I have prepared since my last post – though to be honest Monday and Tuesday slipped into the vortex of knackerdness so nothing was cooked – I think I had a takeaway on Monday night ..and last night I just nibbled as I got in so late. But I do remember Sunday and I do remember getting intimate with a delightful bowl of radishes. They simply glimmered and shone as I put them in a dish with a silky balsamic cream glaze and simply picked at them accompanied by an over friendly white wine. I then roasted an organic chicken stuffed with butter and greek basil and garlic. I served this with baby pak choi steamed lightly, very very lightly…and tomatoes pan fried in garlic and rosemary. I poured over a little of the jus too… and if the meal had been a woman and I was single I would have asked it to marry me, it was that fine.


Then, just because it was one of those days, I pan fried some cheeky plums in butter and muscovado sugar and for the last two minutes I drizzled over more than a fair share of damson liqueur.


It was this side of ambrosia…..a very delightful meal…..am just listening to Lady Gaga in the background and she is singing that heart-stoppingly beautiful song, Edge of Glory…sort of described how I felt during that meal.

7 thoughts on “Radish fetish….

  1. Looks delicious Keith…I have radishes growing in the garden so will try the balsamic idea, just picked the first spinach and lettuce leaves today, although a huge bag of spinach has just arrived in my vegbox as well so it looks as if its going to be a Popeye week !


  2. I know how you feel, my head feels like its going to explode! I bought a pack of Ontario radishes and they were the perfect snack, just a hint of pepperiness, great idea to sip wine with it! Cheers.


  3. OH! I forgot. It’s radish time… I didn’t grow any this year, need to grab a bunch this weekend. Yours are so lovely and healthy, I shall share that idea with my clients and readers… but now you have given me my annual craving for radish butter on pumpernickle with great chunks of salt. I have some black salt from Hawaii this year, that should be very pretty on the pink. And fresh chives. Hooray! Please forgive the radishrant…guess I was born this way. 😉


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