Bacon saves the day…

I think one of the smells that would prevent me from ever becoming a vegetarian is that of bacon cooking. It is a smell that takes me back to my childhood and is, for whatever reason, always a very comforting scent. I prefer bacon grilled but I am not averse to frying it. As long as it is a little crispy. It has to be decent bacon. Cheap ones always give off a lot of water and even a rather unsightly white scum. Nope. You need a decent bacon. And for me brown sauce. And then the taste. It is just so phenomenal. It just floods the taste buds and, with a good cup of tea, is one of the best fast foods on the planet. Decent bacon should be an ever present item in every fridge, in particular,for me, a good smokey bacon, which is great in pasta dishes if no pancetta or lardons are available. I did become a vegetarian for about 6 months in my second year at uni, mainly because the two girls in the house were both vegetarians. However, they only seemed to know a few recipes and there is only so much nut roast a man can take! Bacon brought me back to my senses. And as much as I like Morrissey and admire his ‘Meat is Murder’ stance, unless he turns up on my door step and begs me, I think I will remain a carnivore for the rest of my life! My Headmaster at Grammar school was also…I kid you not….. called Mr. Bacon, so I had no chance!

10 thoughts on “Bacon saves the day…

  1. Ha! Keith you are my kind of gentleman! I love bacon… I spend a bit extra to get organic, Hickory-smoked pork… it turns into crispy, glorious bacon perfection (especially with field mushrooms and some toasted ciabatta… oh, and a sunny-side up egg of course!). So happy to have found your blog. It’s awesome to meet likeminded food obsessives through the blogosphere. Following you!


  2. Bacon does save the day, you are right! It is astoundingly easy to make on your own . . . and is beyond delicious! We are so lucky here to have a British transplant farmer who raises Mangalitsa breeds and brings bellies, jowls, you name it . . . to our local farmer’s market.


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