Pudding on the style…a great start to a Sunday…


Pudding on the style...a great start to a Sunday...

Being Lancastrian by birth, black pudding is in my DNA. I have tasted many varieties from our own northern prize winning Bury Black pudding to plasticky almost inedible supermarket varieties to the fabulously sexy morcilla of my beloved Spain. But I have now come across one to rival the best – made by Clonakilty from Ireland. It is a stunner – a real mouthful of bp heaven. It is unctuous, a word I know I use a lot – but I love it and it was. And it awakens tastebuds in a way that leaves you thinking – hmmm…I’m in black pud paradise! I cannot recommend it highly enough if you are a fan of such fare – and if you are not, then you should be…and you will be if you give this baby a go. With a once in a blue moon fried egg (I’m more of a poached man – but somehow it just felt right this dank, drear morn to fry the free range meal in a shell) this was a fine way to start the day.

Oh…and as the plate said….it did all melt in the mouth!

9 thoughts on “Pudding on the style…a great start to a Sunday…

  1. I’m very hungry while reading this so I’m taking the “it’ll melt in your mouth” as a personal invitation to gobble up the egg. yum. Meanwhile, I’ve never ever had black pudding. At least not yet.


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