My favourite fast food…


Chuletas de Cordero


I make no excuses for posting something so simple  – yet this is ultimately the…yes…ultimate fast food in my humble opinion. It is all down to getting some decent lamb cutlets – add them to a lightly oiled warmed griddle pan. Pop under a hot grill for 4 to 5 minutes per side for medium rare – you need them pink in the middle but crispy outside.

Remove from the grill, grind over some sea salt and then flitter a handful of chopped coriander over them plus a good squeeze of fresh lemon juice.

I ate them today for lunch with just a few slices of warm baguette.

Tis perfection on a plate. The Spanish name for them makes them sound even more romantic…they are nevertheless scrumptious to nibble on however named.

Oh….and use your fingers!!

Old favourite zinged up….


Old favourite zinged up....

Having been away for so long over the summer, I tend to revisit old favourites for supper in the first few weeks – dishes I have missed. So, tonight it was chicken thighs with lemon – but this time I slit each thigh and inserted several slithers of gorgeous garlic. Then I rubbed them all over with lemon juice and then a dash of olive oil before finishing off with sprinkles of dried red chilli flakes. Into the oven on 200c for 40 minutes whilst I prepared some home made chips. I accompanied this with the jus from the chicken – stunning flavours – plus some sexily smooth spinach wilted in hot butter in a wok with rock salt and black pepper.


It was good – very good – and reminded me how simple dishes are usually the best. Just remember to baste the chicken thighs once during coking and do not add use too much olive oil. I par boiled my chips first for 5 minutes, then popped them in a tray of preheated vegetable oil for 40 minutes too. And several glasses of Pinotage were happy companions. A great end to a fabulous sunny day in our garden. Oh…and I managed to find time to pick another kilo of blackberries…… so more crumble tomorrow!


Courgette Salad, Zucchini Salad…you choose!


This is one of my stand by favourite salads. Simple and divine…..

Grate two courgettes into a dish. Do not peel first! If you want you can press the grated courgette lightly in a sieve first to get rid of some of the water – but it is not vital. Add a table spoon of olive oil. Add a crushed clove of garlic. Squeeze in the juice of a fresh lemon. Add a little salt and pepper. Check for oil and and lemon. Add more of either, or both, according to taste. Refrigerate for an hour (this bit is important).

Serve with fresh crusty bread.


Double Lemon Pudding…



INGREDIENTS – 150 gm unsalted butter / 265 caster sugar /grated zest of 2 lemons / tsp vanilla essence / 6 eggs separated / 75 gm plain flour / 190 ml milk/  juice of 3 big lemons – / cream to serve.

So…whack the oven on 180c. Grease a 3 litre ovenproof dish. Cream together butter, sugar lemon zest and vanilla. Then, beat in the egg yolks slowly. Fold in the flour, then the milk, then the lemon juice. Whisk the egg whites in a clean bowl until they form soft peaks. Gently fold this in too.

Pour the mix into the greased dish. Place in a roasting tray. Add boiling water a third of a way up the roasting tray – in effect creating a bain marie…transfer..easy does the oven. Bake for 30-35 minutes until golden brown on top. Leave it to cool. For me – it is much better cold. Serve with cream. I cannot tell you how good this is….just make it….