Moz and Chorizo Salad…


Moz and Chorizo Salad...

Ok…I have been rather nastily unwell the last few days – am presently sitting up in bed with a cough that could cut rocks in two. At least my temperature seems to be almost back to normal – but I am plum tuckered! This blog however needs me…sorry..I need this blog to keep me sane…so apologies that this is only brief – tis a starter I did last Wednesday and was well received. I wanted to do something different with my friend mozzarella and so on a bed of spinach, beetroot, lambs lettuce and rocket I tore up some moz and draped it over the greenery on each plate. I then pan fried some chorizo cut into small cubes and spooned it over – I also drizzled on some of that wonderful reddish oil it creates. I then swirled some balsamic sauce around the leaves. The flavours were sublime. You could also, I reckon, add some shavings of parmesan… but that maybe gilding the lily. Enjoy your weekend everyone – hopefully I will be up and cooking soon! I miss my kitchen!

17 thoughts on “Moz and Chorizo Salad…

  1. Sorry to hear you are under the weather, hopefully back in the kitchen soonest…we miss you!..nice recipe.. I must get some chorizo , I’ve rather overlooked it in my culinary capers of late.


  2. This looks like a gorgeous salad Keith. I’ve been sick over the past week also… haven’t been to work for about ten days (I also fainted twice… something to do with the virus mucking with my blood pressure). Thanks for sharing this lovely dish with us. Hope you’ll be better soon!


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