Lakeland tales part two…


Lakeland tales part two...

I have written earlier in this blog about the table being king – being the centre of the universe and here is a photo of our crowd last night – young and old all gathered around and chatting, laughing and eating together for several hours. I made the tikka lamb dish – recipe is on this blog on  June 9th- using 3 legs of lamb for 15 of us – and it all went! I served it with two large platters of crushed Indian salad (also June 9th), coriander buttered rice, chapatis and several chutneys. It was a great evening and the rather temperamental cooker did its bit. Thankfully! Earlier in the day we had been on a stunning 6 mile walk around Elterwater. At every turn there was different breathtaking scene – best of all the fabulous torrent of Colwirth Force. Mother nature in full flow in every sense. I was only slightly knackered on our return but after a hot shower I was fine – I put the lamb in at 4.30pm and it was ready by just before 8pm – I made a start at chopping all the ingredients for the salad and then managed to stumble the 72 paces – yes I have counted them – to the local pub for a well earned swift pint of a rather fine brew called Hawkshead. Mornings are always slow – the teenagers rarely rise before 11pm – but we are heading out at around midday on a shorter ramble. I cooked poached eggs for 4 of the adults an hour or so ago and we ate them on the patio. So, all is set fair for today. Tonight I am rustling up two large pans of Penne con Sugo di salsicce – see July 12th! Lots of cold meats to begin with and some dips if I get time to make them.
All I need do now is win the lottery and I can do this for ever! Now that I would like. Enjoy your day wherever you are and thank you for all the kind comments you leave when you drop by – keeps me going! Here are a few more snaps from the walk yesterday to finish off with.





19 thoughts on “Lakeland tales part two…

  1. Ah yes, if we all win the lotto we would take turns jet setting all over the world, making dinners for one another. I too, love feeding people.
    PS You should post links to your recipes mentioned.


      • okay 🙂 what’s on for tonight?
        Seriously though it all looks good. When I have my family for Christmas holidays there are usually about 12-13 of us and I just panic. How do you keep so calm?


      • All my folks ask me the same q. I don’t know really – the adrenalin takes over and I just love the challenge – seeing everyone eating my food and hearing them say what they enjoyed and how much makes it all worthwhile. I guess the key is being well prepared too.


  2. That empty extra seat is mine, I saw it first. I shall keep on praying that you win that Lotto, maybe I can be flown over too? Have a lovely day!


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