Salmon with asparagus in an Epoisses sauce


What I want to prove here is how well you can pair a cheese sauce with fish. The EpoIsses sauce is lighter than the one I would normally have with meat – and the flavour really enhances the flavours of the salmon. I used 100gm of Epoisses cheese chopped up and melted slowly in a dry pan. Then sprinkle with a grind or two of black pepper, and then add 150 ml of single cream. Gently warm through – it will thicken a little but not too much.

I served it with poached salmon, asparagus and oven cubed potatoes roasted with thyme and garlic.

If you have never thought to try this – you must. Not an obvious pairing but …..IT WORKS!

10 thoughts on “Salmon with asparagus in an Epoisses sauce

  1. Reblogged this on A single serving and commented:
    Epoisses is one of my most favorite cheeses–not necessarily easy to get. I don’t usually think of cheese with fish, but I want to give this a try. Now to find some Epoisses. . . .


  2. Another very interesting sounding combination. I must get some Epoisses–one store here in Durham that has extensive selection, or I’ll have to order it. With this and the duck, I could have a feast!


    • The key is to not to use too much of the Epoisses – 100 gm is perfect in this ratio. It really compliments the salmon. Hope all is well over there! Cheers!


  3. Interesting! Epoisses is my favorite cheese, but I’ve never eaten it any other way than just out of its carton!!! I’ll have to remember this sauce! thanks.


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