Anniversary rib of beef


Anniversary rib of beef

I started this blog a year ago today, so it is fitting that i celebrated the event, and indeed Mother’s Day, with a magnificent 2kg rib of beef from Parsonage Farm. Thank you to all who follow and who have tuned in over the last 12 months.

I can only ask you to use your imagination with this – it was a fabulous piece – the flavour and texture were second to none. The marbled fat tasted as sweet and unctuous as you could wish for and the meat melted in the mouth. I served it with cavolo nero steamed, roasted potatoes with thyme and garlic and the ever necessary home made Yorkshire puds courtesy of my wife! (She has a way with them that I cannot replicate!)

The beef was rubbed in oil and seasoned then laid on a bed of sliced onions, popped in a preheated oven at 230c for 30 minutes, then down to 160c for 1 hour. Key element is to let the joint rest, which I did for around 45 minutes whilst the spuds roasted and the puds rose.

All washed down with a marvellous Malbec – my favourite grape. Happy Mother’s Day to all you mums out there and a Happy Anniversary to Alfredo’s too!



Smoked paprika and pancetta chicken…


Smoked paprika and pancetta chicken...

Today’s Sunday lunch was so simple I will not bore you with the recipe – even Simon on his simplest of days could sort this one out. Suffice to say that, with the rain dribbling down my windows, food with  an autumnal smokiness was needed – what better ingredients than chorizo and paprika…… I could almost feel the pagan pangs of bonfires and mist laden gatherings coursing through me as I assembled the dish – or maybe it was the the third glass of smoky shiraz… Anyway, I poured a glug or two of olive oil in the cavity of the free range bird, smothered her skin in paprika, then barded her with pancetta strips. She looked devilish. The smells from the oven as she cooked made me want to go out and do druid dances round my chiminea. I resisted.

I served the chicken with quartered roasted potatoes, to which I added a dozen slices of chorizo for the last ten minutes. Delightful. I also steamed some spinach in my wok. Then squeeze drained it – popped it back in the wok with a knob of butter and bags of black pepper for about two minutes on a high heat to let it meld together.

Everyone was a winner – even the cat got a slice or two of the paprika blessed bird. She is snoozing now…and I am going shortly to join her!


Just had to share this…pork loin at its best…


Just had to share this...pork loin at its best...

Today’s late afternoon Sunday lunch was a gorgeous piece of Pork Loin from those fine folk at Parsonage farm. I served it with home made chip roasts, buttered spinach, haricots vert and a light jus..and the crackling was this side of heaven…..that is it – nothing more….nothing less – ’twas perfection on a plate.