Basil, Pine Nut and Chilli Humdinger Hummus…


Basil, Pine Nut and Chilli Humdinger Hummus...

Hot, hot day. Cat flat out on the flags. Just been sipping some cold, cold fizz, then fancied something to nibble before supper later. So, in from the sun and out with the ingredients for a home made hummus that just is so suited to such a lazy day as this.


1 400 gm can chickpeas – don’t you just love that name – chickpeas…conjures up images of hens shelling pea pods.
Bunch of Greek basil – though you could use ordinary
Glugs of Olive oil
1 garlic clove chopped
75 gm pine nuts – toasted lightly in a dry frying pan
Good handful of grated pecorino
1 red chilli deseeded and chopped
Salt and pepper

Pop all ingredients, apart from olive oil, into a blender and treat to a serious whizz. Then stop and add several good splashes of olive oil to start to loosen the mixture. Whizz again merrily for a mo. Add a grind of rock salt and a brief grind of black pepper.

Tip out into a bowl and adjust the olive oil to get to the consistency you want. Serve with warm pittas or grissini…and a glass of cold beer. Summertime…. and the eating is easy……


Has the Spring Sprung?



The view that greeted us when we arrived this morning at Parsonage Farm was pure idyll. Tiny lambs bleating their hearts out in the spring sun. It was a wonderful few hours, sampling all the local cheeses, hams, pies and drinks. Great craft stalls too…but I was there for the food and drink! Pete’s Pork Pies are always delicious – I bought some of his game pie and my friend bought the pork pie – home made hand raised pastry – meat from Parsonage Farm – all local, all fantastic. Pic below of the game pie –  it was devoured on our return in the garden along with some bottles of local cider to wash it down. (I’ve snaffled a piece away in a secret location for tomorrow…don’t tell anyone!)ImageA company called Gastro Nicks were selling food stuffs imported direct from Sicily and I succumbed to a block of pecorino and a nero d’avola salami. I cannot explain just how sublime the salami tasted!


I spent some time admiring and sampling a variety of liqueurs. including Strawberry and Damson vodka, before eloping with a bottle of sloe gin….soooo good!


Ended up in the butchery at the farm tracking down some phenomenal belly pork for supper tomorrow. Great fair, great people and super produce! Spring is definitely here…let’s hope summer is not too far behind!