Belly pork on a bed of horseradish mash with onions and cavallo nero…


Belly pork on a bed of horseradish mash with onions and cavallo nero...

Simplest of Saturday suppers. I will not bore you with technique – so little to it. A super 700 gm piece of belly pork from those wonderful folk at Parsonage Farm – roasted after being slashed lightly across the skin, rubbed with a little olive oil, salt, and thyme – at 210c for 20 minutes, then 45 minutes at 160c. Result? Pork Perfection.

5 maris pipers boiled and mashed with butter, black pepper and salt. An onion sliced and pan fried, added to the mash, along with 5 leaves of steamed cavallo nero – the prince of greens and a table spoon of creamy horseradish. This was all then added with care to a large frying pan, lightly oiled where it was mixed further together and lightly browned.

Pile it high on a plate – slice the beauteous belly pork and arrange on each plate. Saturdays are made for such culinary delights. Simple ingredients of the highest quality – matched and married for a super supper.

Green Day….


Green Day....

I know, I know, rack of lamb again….boring…sorry, but as it was so good last month I succumbed and ordered another rack from Parsonage Farm – please check out their website!

So, we had it ce soir…and I am still in Jersey Royal mode, so these were, once again, bosom buddies with the lamb.

But…. I had also a large bag of greens – and I felt that they needed more than just a stiff steam. So, I popped a large wad, sliced pretty thinly, in a wok with an inch of water- put a lid on and let them wilt a tad for 5 minutes. I then drained the green goddesses and whilst they lay recumbent in the colander, I added a grind or two of rock salt and some crushed dried chillies. Whilst they rested, I pan fried some finely cubed chorizo til almost crispy – transferred this to the now clean wok, popped it on the heat and stirred in the greens. The flavour was very very tasty indeed….I could imagine it with turkey at Christmas….but it certainly went well with the lamb.

Anyway…it was different…and it brought a hint of warmth, along with the succulent lamb to a frankly disastrously damp Wednesday. The cockles of my heart at least now feel dry and mellow…..