Old favourite zinged up….


Old favourite zinged up....

Having been away for so long over the summer, I tend to revisit old favourites for supper in the first few weeks – dishes I have missed. So, tonight it was chicken thighs with lemon – but this time I slit each thigh and inserted several slithers of gorgeous garlic. Then I rubbed them all over with lemon juice and then a dash of olive oil before finishing off with sprinkles of dried red chilli flakes. Into the oven on 200c for 40 minutes whilst I prepared some home made chips. I accompanied this with the jus from the chicken – stunning flavours – plus some sexily smooth spinach wilted in hot butter in a wok with rock salt and black pepper.


It was good – very good – and reminded me how simple dishes are usually the best. Just remember to baste the chicken thighs once during coking and do not add use too much olive oil. I par boiled my chips first for 5 minutes, then popped them in a tray of preheated vegetable oil for 40 minutes too. And several glasses of Pinotage were happy companions. A great end to a fabulous sunny day in our garden. Oh…and I managed to find time to pick another kilo of blackberries…… so more crumble tomorrow!