Christmas Carpaccio!


Christmas Carpaccio!

Which is just the same as at any other time of the year! But it got our Christmas day lunch under way with a gentle zing of flavours and textures. Carpaccio was an invention of the guy who owned Harry’s Bar in Venice and originally allegedly made for a visiting countess who had been advised by her doctors to eat only raw meat. Lucky for us! There happened to be an exhibition on at that time in the 50s in Venice for the great painter Carpaccio – who had a penchant for the colours red and white – appropriate for the dish (and for my current blog look too!) .

So that was who it was named after.

Traditionally made from fresh sirloin sliced very thin and scattered, as here, with lemon juice, olive oil and shavings of good parmesan, it is just so delicious, and light too, as an antipasto. If you can, instead of olive oil a little truffle oil makes it really special. I have also had it served in France with a very fine mayonnaise.

If you have not tried it – you must! One way to prepare it is to pop the sirloin into your freezer until it has hardened, then remove and slice very thinly with your very sharpest knife. Season the slices lightly and return to the fridge for at least 15 minutes, then serve as you fancy. There are also lots of great delis who sell it. I popped some rocket on the side too as I adore the stuff.

Happy St.Stephen’s Day!