Oh the weather outside is frightful…but the sprouts are so delightful…!


Oh the weather outside is frightful...but the sprouts are so delightful...!

I am catching up with my tail and trying to shop in between and decorate the house and sort recipes for the coming days and now and then….relax! Sunday I roasted a magnificent piece of Wiltshire Ham – it was truly fine in every way. Succulent and delectable. And tonight we will have cold slices of it with home made chips, fried eggs and pickles and chutneys. I cannot wait!


I accompanied the ham with roast potatoes which I par boiled for 5 minutes, then popped them in a preheated oven tray with a little hot vegetable oil, then drizzled them with olio al peperoncino to give them a gentle kick.

And as you can see from above one of my favourite veg made its entrance but this time with a twist. I like them steamed and crunchy – and I have fried them before after par boiling but this time I sliced them into 3 pieces each. I poured a little olive oil in to a sauté pan and gently fried two cloves of chopped garlic with strips of smoked bacon and a finely sliced red chilli. After about ten minutes I added the sprouts with a knob of unsalted butter, stirred it all round then put the lid on and let it all steam together – the result was sprout of this world!


Sprouts are often much maligned but I adore the little emerald gems. They are part of the brassica family – derived from an ancient Celtic word for cabbage – bresic – which corresponds to the Latinized brassica which is now part of our language. Besides cabbages and sprouts the family includes cauliflower, broccoli, kale and calabrese. They are even related to swedes and turnips…so these guys are well connected! Respect!

Right, time to dip into Winchester for a few morsels and another attempt to finish some of my festive shopping.

Speak soon!