Simple Saturday Fare

A BBQ day with home made flat breads, moroccan lamb burgers ,corn and fennel slaw…


Flat bread is such fun to make. This was 350gm of self-raising flour, mixed in a bowl with 100 ml natural yoghurt and 250 ml of water and a grind or two of sea salt. Stir it all round with a wooden spoon until it forms a ball and the ingredients are mixed together. Pop on to a floured board and knead for 5 minutes, then pop back into the bowl with a little flour and put a plate over it until you are ready to use. I cut the ball into two halves and tore off golf ball size pieces which I then rolled into thin sheets. I heated my griddle pan, added a smidgin of olive oil then slid in the dough. Each took about 2 minutes a side. I topped with a little butter, fresh rosemary and garlic all melted together in a separate pan. A little grind of sea salt is good too, and some I added some grated gran pardon too. They went very well with my shop bought moroccan lamb burgers and corn cooked on my new bucket bbq.

For a different take on cole slaw, I ditched the cabbage – the cole part – and used 2 fennel bulbs shredded, one carrot grated and one red onion finely chopped. Then add your mayonnaise to taste. I love it!


IMG_5426 Summer might be closer than I thought!


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