Red Mullet Crostini…

A perfect starter for a celebratory New Year meal.

From Alfredo's With Love

Fab Fish Idea for a Simple Succulent Healthy Lunch!


Been on a bit of a fish kick since returning from Spain having sampled so many of our piscatorial friends out there. So, today I was in our local deli this morning who have terrific fresh fish for such a small outlet – Thyme and Tides in Stockbridge – and I bough a couple of marvellous red mullet fillets for lunch. 

This is so simple and yet so tasty and filling – a perfect summer lunch. 

This was spot on for 3 of us as a light lunch – or it could be a more substantial lunch / supper for two.

You will need –

3 slices of rustic bread sliced diagonally

2 fillets of red mullet – approx 1/2 a kilo.

Lemon oil 


6 Sun dried tomatoes in their oil

Salt and pepper

Olive oil

Flat leaf parsley


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2 thoughts on “Red Mullet Crostini…

  1. My favourite of all your recipes. We are having this tomorrow and I am using scallops as could not find red mullet.


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