Duck à l’epoisses


Been very busy recently and will be back on here very soon…in the meantime, one of my daughter’s favourites…perfect for early Autumn…you can replace the asparagus with fennel, roasted butternut squash or leeks.

From Alfredo's With Love

Duck à l'epoisses

Last night’s supper – I have to say – and I know perhaps I shouldn’t – was… magnificent. I love my food – but like all cooks I can be quite overly critical at times – but last night – everything tasted spot on and turned out just as I had imagined – just how I wished.

I wanted to mix a few of my favourite flavours from other dishes and see how they worked.

I had two wonderful duck breasts – plenty for this dish for 4. I scored them 4 or 5 times on the diagonal and rubbed the skin with sea salt and black pepper.

Next into my lightly oiled griddle pan on a hot heat for 2 minutes then down to a medium heat for 4 more minutes.


Then I flipped them gently over for 30 seconds before popping them in a preheated oven at 200c…

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4 thoughts on “Duck à l’epoisses

  1. Hi Keith, Can you give me a comparative cheese, please? I cannot find what you suggest at my local grocer. I love duck but it is not available in our markets unless whole, frozen. None the less, I have carved a defrosted duck in order to cook it evenly. I like the idea of this recipe. Is the cheese like a soft goat’s milk? What do you think of adding a sprig of fresh rosemary?


    • Epoisses is expensive and hard to find outside Burgundy in France – you can get it in the UK…but, as I wait it is expensive – if I were you just use a good camembert, add a little rosemary by all means – a sprinkle of black pepper and even garlic if you wish.


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