Simplest tastiest pizza you can make…


Great for start of the summer holidays to keep your kids happy and for that last minute supper idea…

From Alfredo's With Love

My easy flat bread pizzas...Easy Flat Bread Pizzas

An easy family favourite. I buy Sainsbury’s garlic and coriander or parsley flat breads – but any good brand will do. Or make your own flatbreads. I make my own tomato sauce – I pop a chilli-with a few cuts in to stop it exploding, some oregano and a garlic clove and some chopped basil stalks into a frying pan with olive oil – heat gently – then add a tin of good chopped tomatoes, a little salt & black pepper..then leave to cook on a lowish heat for about 30 minutes until thick. Then spread a tablespoon or two over each flat bread – top with two or three slices of mozzarella and a slice or two of serrano or parma ham. Add a few flakes of dried chilli if you wish – pop onto an oven tray and into the oven- at 180c for about…

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