Brazilian Barbecued Beef….


Brazilian Barbecued Beef....

This is one of the best ways there is to cook and eat beef…believe me. It is easy to do, saves on washing up and it is quick! Well, relatively! Perfect for a barbecue on a World Cup night. In Brazil this is a typical way to cook beef.

Get a good piece of silverside of beef (perfect for this dish as it is inexpensive and takes the heat perfectly – ending up as tender as can be) with no fat on. Rub it all over in salt. Put your barbecue on and let the coals get to white heat. Put the beef onto the grill and treat like a large sausage! Keep turning it over for half an hour. You will get a few flames at first but it will soon calm down. After 30 minutes of turning you will end up with a wonderfully dark crusted piece of meat. Take it to one side on a board and carve off the crispy bits and serve straight away.


Pop the joint that remains back on to the barbecue and continue turning as it cooks. This is a meal to savour and not rush – eating in a series of stages.


The next round the pieces sliced off after about 10 minutes will be beautifully medium rare. Then cut the remaining joint into steak size slices and place back on the barbecue for a further 10 minutes whilst you enjoy the meat you’ve just carved.


I served it with buttered coriander new potatoes and lamb’s lettuce (mâché).

This is such an economical and gloriously tasty way to eat beef. The Brazilians have got it wrapped. Perfect. My son, the steak aficionado in our house, announced that this was probably the best way he has ever eaten beef.

I have to agree with him. Magical.

6 thoughts on “Brazilian Barbecued Beef….

  1. Described it beautifully. We do also with chicken wings but the flavour of a Barbecued Picanha ( Rump Steak) is unbeatable !
    Happy Days!


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