Gourmandize UK Paris Competition – My Entry!

‘To eat, to love, to sing and to digest; in truth,

these are the four acts in

this opera buffa that we call life,

and which vanishes like the bubbles in

a bottle of champagne’.

(Gioacchino Rossini 1792 – 1868)

This marvellous quote sums up my approach to life… and what better way of celebrating it than getting the chance to cook one of my favourite created by the great composer himself – Steak Rossini.

Rossini is said to have given the recipe to the chef at the Cafe Anglais in the Boulevards des Italiens in Paris. He was not only a composer but a real lover of good food and he was equally well known in the field of gastronomy. He adored truffles in particular, which he enchantingly called, ‘the Mozart of mushrooms.’

To get the chance to cook this dish in the heart of the city he adored with the best foie gras, truffles and the finest rump steak would be quite, quite something. It is a simple dish dependent on the best ingredients and great attention to timing.

The French cuts of steak are wonderfully diverse. They have chateaubriand, a large cut for several people; tournedos, small compact round steaks cut from the eye of the fillet and, closer to the narrow end of the fillet, the filet mignon. Then there is entrecote (literally, ‘between the ribs’). There is also faux filet, or contrefilet, the lean eye of meat which runs along the top of the sirloin, and onglet – a real favourite of mine.

What no doubt irks the French is that the steak was introduced to France by the English as the occupying forces after ‘The Battle of Waterloo.’

Ah well, but at least they have turned them into a real art!

And the Steak Rossini is one worth displaying in The Louvre!

If you fancy voting for me…please visit the Gourmandize UK site before MAY 19th …. or click on the link below! Merci beaucoup!  Link is


I may not win…there are so many phenomenal folk out there wanting to do the same….but I know if I did go I would soak up every last moment and it would spur my desire to be a published food writer.


A bientôt!


6 thoughts on “Gourmandize UK Paris Competition – My Entry!

  1. Very happy to vote for you. I know nothing about cooking but I do know a smidge about opera and Italian. Your quote should read ‘buffa’ not ‘buffe’! Sorry to appear a knowall …


    • Kate – thank you so much – appreciated. Long long shot – I need probably around 300 votes by May 19th – but we’ll see. It was fun anyway. Tu es très gentille! Bisous!


  2. Keith, I will happily vote for you. The quote is such truth – life vanishes like the bubbles in champagne. So often I have thought, “this is a moment I will always remember…” and yet as I get older the effervescence of the moment fades into the ether never to be concretely captured. Existentialism has its point. So I hope you go to Paris with all the enthusiasm of a bottle of champagne to cook a steak that makes them deeply experience a moment of great food.


    • Wow, what lovely words! Thank you so much – it’s a long shot but fun to do and I appreciate support from lovely folk such as you! x


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