Comfort food…


Here’s one from a few months ago that would be swell for a Saturday night simple supper…

From Alfredo's With Love

Comfort food...

It’s good to have another half who steps up to the plate – literally the hotplate in this case – and cook you a supper that hits the spot when you feel grim. Last night my wife made her standby ‘cheer up’ supper. She puts a small can of tuna, flaked, into a bowl with a can of chopped tomatoes, fresh basil chopped, fresh golden oregano chopped, a diced garlic clove, a fresh red chilli finely chopped, black olives, a ball of mozzarella torn up, a good tbsp of rinsed capers, a tiny splash of red wine vinegar, a drizzle of olive oil and a grind of black pepper, sea salt and a dash of tomato sauce. She lets it all marinate for at least an hour – then simply pours it into a pot of just cooked and drained rigatoni. It is delicious and I was very grateful….I’m beginning…

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