Italian style Toad in the Hole


Italian style Toad in the Hole

I already have the classic toad in the hole recipe on this blog – but last night I had some wonderful Sicilian sausages – and I had parma ham – so I went for an Italian version! I think I first came across this idea from a Nigel Slater cook book – but I cannot remember which one – that is age for you. But it is an easy one to remember. You could, of course, use any good sausage of your choice.

Anyway, the main difference here is that you skin the sausages with surgeon – like care and then wrap each in a slice of parma ham – or you could use serrano or prosciuttto – whatever is in your fridge.

The batter mix was 150 gm of milk, 150 gm of water, 2 eggs, 125 gm plain flour, a tablespoon of good grain mustard and a hint of salt and black pepper. Whisk it all together in a bowl of choice. Let it stand for about 20 minutes. Get an oven roasting tray – add a good slice of lard or beef dripping – or if none of those is to hand – vegetable oil will do. Pop it in an oven at 220c and wait until it gets almost smoking hot. Remove from the oven and pour in the batter mix and then artistically arrange the sausages in the mix. It goes back in the oven for 30 minutes until it is looking puffed up and golden.

I served it with steamed buttered kale and a thick onion gravy. This is a cracking supper dish and the sausages taste remarkable like this.

Not sure what toad is in Italian – hold on while I look it up – ah, ok – rospa. Rospa in the hole….no toad sounds better…Toadini perhaps. La toada?

7 thoughts on “Italian style Toad in the Hole

  1. so i know you make toad in the hole on the regular, but sicilian sausages grabbed me this time. i love a good sausage, and i think this post was the tipping point.

    i’m definitely going to give it a try. if it turns out, it is going up on my blog (with an homage to yours, of course.)


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