Parmesan, pasta and basil…a hearty trinity!


Parmesan, pasta and basil…a hearty trinity!

Little to say about supper tonight other than it was simple and tasty, just because it was so clean tasting and made use of a phenomenal hunk of parmigiano reggiano recently given to me by a good friend who has just returned from Italy. Pasta cooked and drained and swirled with a very good virgin olive oil, a dash of rock salt and a swizzle of black pepper plus a handful of fresh, fragrant, beautiful basil with shavings of the bard of cheeses.

Sometimes keeping things simple is all that is needed to make people smile at the supper table. And good ingredients. These three were made for each other….

4 thoughts on “Parmesan, pasta and basil…a hearty trinity!

  1. You really cannot go wrong with such a flavoursome, fresh dish. It must have tasted just like spring…too bad our weather is not behaving itself and still thinks it’s the middle of winter.
    BTW, the background although quite lovely and colourful is a quite distracting to read over. Sorry but my ancient eyes don’t adjust well!


    • It was very spring like – but then awoke this morn to dreary dank rain. Hey ho! I always listen to my followers – so have gone for a Lenten purple for a while! Hope this is kinder on your peepers! K x


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