Sneak peep into Alfredo’s….


Sneek peep into Alfredo's....

I have been asked recently to show a little more of my in-house Italian restaurant where my family and friends eat, drink, gather chatter. So here are a few shots of Alfredo’s in all its evening glory and a few of me, blush, taken by my wonderful daughter, Hannah, cooking one of my favourite dishes, Penne con Sugo di Salsicce. Anyway, this is me in my kitchen..doing what I do best and doing what I love…cooking. And you get to look into where we eat too! It’s always open…please drop by sometime!

I want to put some videos on here in the coming months of me cooking some of the most popular dishes on this blog. If you have any in partciular that you would like a video of – let me know!

Right..back to the stove and another glass of vino….








9 thoughts on “Sneak peep into Alfredo’s….

    • Window to the right – it is at the back of our house beyond the kitchen , through our utility room. Our house dates back to 1921 and where Alfredo’s is now, used to be the wood store where all the logs were kept.


  1. Love that you shared the photos…Alfredo’s looks like the most comfortable and charming little Italian café. I’m sure your family and friends enjoy watching you in action while you cook.


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