Oh it’s such a pearfect day….I’m glad I ate this with you!


Oh it's such a pearfect day....I'm glad I ate this with you!

Supper last eve was rounded off with the simplest of dishes – glimmering green conference pears halved, seeds scooped out gently and then placed carefully, flesh side down, into a frying pan in which around 80 gm unsalted butter and 2 or 3 tablespoons of brown sugar were nicely melted and unctuous.

I left them for around ten minutes on a low heat, then added a splash of brandy. Several minutes later I turned the pears and
popped a lid on the pan for ten minutes.

The result was the softest and most succulent of pears encrusted with a caramelised coating.

On to a plate – a drizzle of cream, and more of the buttery sugary brandy mix spooned over.

There can be fewer tastier simpler desserts.


7 thoughts on “Oh it’s such a pearfect day….I’m glad I ate this with you!

  1. I’ve been finding the best organic bartlet pears this spring! We have been eating them with goat cheese and walnuts, or just in hand. We sat outside in the finally-warm sun and ate them as the juice ran down our wrists. It was an ode to Spring as the daffodils waved and nodded in the soft breeze. I look at my 5 year-old comice pear tree and hope that it blooms this year so we may have our own pears in the sun next April!


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