My perfect late night snack…


My perfect late night snack...

Just a quick post as I did not want this one to escape…I popped all this perfection into a pan the other night when I came home late famished and in need of instant sustenance. A little butter and olive oil into the pan and a cored and sliced apple – pan fried for five minutes then I added slices of black gold – black pudding – possibly one of my oldest comfort foods – I was eating this when I was 8 or 9 years old and it still brings back so many good memories of eating with my parents. I am sure this is a dish everyone does now and then – but if not – you must – served on a plate with a dash of dijon mustard it is paradise on a plate.

6 thoughts on “My perfect late night snack…

  1. Hungarians also have a version of this sausage which is very rich indeed. I used to love it when I was a kid too but I haven’t had it for many years. I did order it from a wonderful restaurant in Meyrieux France when we were there a few years ago and it didn’t disappoint.


    • Not tried the Hungarian variety – love the Spanish version – morcilla – and have eaten a lot of boudin noir in France. This one was a Scottish pudding. Love Clonakilty Irish Black Pud and of course, Bury Black Pudding from near where I was born.


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