Feta accompli…!


Feta accompli...!

Last Wednesday my kids fancied jacket potatoes – they wanted the ones I do with parmesan and butter. But I had other ideas…..and I had a block of feta! So once the jacket spuds were cooked- olive oil rubbed and salted, I let them cool and split them. Then into a bowl I added the feta, cubed small ( do not forget to rinse your feta first to desalt it ) , 5 spring onions chopped, a red chilli deseeded and chopped, a generous knob of butter and a little pepper and a grind – only a grind mind – of rock salt.

Then once the potato flesh had cooled, I scooped it out and added it to the bowl, taking care not to split the silken crispen skins.

Then after a hearty mix to melt the butter and break down the feta, I restuffed the skins – this amount was more than enough for 8 halves. Then pop them back into the oven at 160c for 10 minutes.

I served these tuberous gems with rocket salad and bresaola.

A simple yet phenomenally taste bud tingling supper – perfect for warming one up in sub zero temperatures. Or simply dispelling the damp January blues that pervade my corner of Hampshire at present.

8 thoughts on “Feta accompli…!

  1. Your potatoes look and sound great…I like the idea of feta and a little chili added to twice baked potatoes. They sound like a perfect accompaniment to your meal.


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