Best laid plans of mice and butchers….


This post was from August but quite frankly this dish is ideal for the winter! Anyway – in case you were away and missed it-here is a REAL favourite of mine!

From Alfredo's With Love

Best laid plans of mice and butchers....

Ok…where was I? Tuesday I went shopping for the rest of the week’s meals and went to a mighty fine establishment in Windermere called Booth’s. Normally, it stocks a fine range of food, especially the butchers…but my plans went awry when I heard the butcher say in a rather too casual way for my liking, ‘sorry, we have no pork tenderloin.’ That scuppered Wednesday’s fare. And it got worse….they no longer stock ham shanks…the reason was fairly bizarre but seemed to be along the lines that they did not keep long enough. I was left speechless. I have never heard such a ridiculous  excuse for not having an item! Hey ho! So, I had to alter Tuesday’s meal, which is what you see part compiled above – here are the ingredients for 4 – see May 9th for recipe.

60 gm of lardons or cubed smoky bacon – or pancetta…

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2 thoughts on “Best laid plans of mice and butchers….

  1. This looks delicious Keith. I have not eaten Puy lentils for a long time. I must say this looks so tasty am tempted to go shopping right now. Happy New year and wish you best of 2014


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