Steak your claim…


Steak your claim...

….for the best cut for a tasty steak to drool over at a lunchtime. Well, I am going to put a marker down for the Denver steak. I bought 4 of these marbled beauties for lunch yesterday – worth seeking out if you have not had one before. They need no tenderising – just a little salt and pepper, then a little oil in a hot hot pan – 1 minute on one side then flip and 2 minutes on the other side, and flip once more for the final 4th minute for a wonderful medium rare finish as in the above photo of mine. Best to let it rest for about 2 or 3 minutes if you can resist – it lets the steak relax.

I served it in a warm pita with finely sliced fried onions and a little salad on the side – oh, and a fine slither of Dijon mustard. I like it with pita as too many folk serve steak sandwiches in bread so thick you can’t taste the steak. Anyway, it still constituted a light lunch – and it just melted in the mouth.

I look forward to hearing your favourite cuts for a steak sarnie!

12 thoughts on “Steak your claim…

  1. Sounds and looks incredible Keith! Cooking it any further would be a crime! LOVE rare beef. Have you tried aging your meat using Heston Blumenthal’s method? It really works wonderfully. I always bring my beef to room temperature before searing for perfectly tender meat.


    • It comes from the shoulder – from what the Americans call the chuck. There are several new cuts apparently from this area. I only came across them recently. The others are the ranch steak, the shoulder petite tender and the merlot cut and the tougher braison. Advice seems to be to grill the Denver but the pan fry method I do here is my preference. Happy New Year to you and yours!


    • Wow, yes, that’s one I love too – great taste you have! We call it skirt too – or hanger steak – like the French onglet….deee….lishus!


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