Merry Cranberrymas!


Merry Cranberrymas!

One of my great delights at this time of year is making my own cranberry sauce – I am sure you all make your own – isn’t it satisfying! I found myself in the kitchen this afternoon with a glass of port and nothing to do but turn on some Christmas Carols and get cooking. Bliss!

I used 600 gm of gorgeous ruby red cranberries which I rinsed and placed in a cast iron dish with 16 tablespoons of water. Bring this gently to the boil then pop the lid on and reduce to a low heat – simmer for about 7 or 8 minutes, enjoying the gentle pop pop pop of the cranberries as they split and release their wondrous juices.

Next stir in 300 gm of granulated sugar and stir until it has dissolved. I then snipped in the peel of 2 satsumas and a large glug of port. Leave it on the low heat for another minute or two whilst you prepare the jars. I just fill each with water just off the boil and let them stand for a moment or two – then empty them and fill with the scarlet glory.

So much better than anything you can buy in the shops and you also are left feeling good about yourself. Which is as it should be. The sauce will last for at least 2 weeks in the fridge but I doubt it will make it that long!

Great with everything from the turkey to pork pies to roasted ham.


4 thoughts on “Merry Cranberrymas!

  1. Great idea to stir in the port, I usually make mine with orange juice and a bit of the rind stirred in. This year hubby is making the sauce, so I’ll definitely put him onto this tasty recipe as I know any excuse to stir in booze is always appreciated!


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