Scrambling is a gentle art…


Scrambling is a gentle art...

Forgot to share this with you at the weekend. I adore scrambled eggs…only slightly less than poached. But you need to take your time with them – caress them in the pan, tease them around over a high heat, then take them off! I add a knob of cold butter to a cold pan, then crack in 3 eggs for two of us. A little salt and pepper. Then onto a high heat for a minute then off for a minute, stirring all the time, until eventually the mixture becomes wonderfully creamy – then add it straight on to hot toast – no need for butter on the toast either! it’s in the egg! Never, ever serve rubbery over cooked scrambled egg. Next to it are two slices of delightful bacon – real bacon – it even had rind on it – from a local pig farmer. It is what Sundays are all about!

6 thoughts on “Scrambling is a gentle art…

  1. I adore properly scrambled eggs! I recently saw a French chef cook scrambled eggs in a Bain Marie, and a good knob of butter! No wonder it tastes so damn good.


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