Life is good, lunch proved it today…


Life is good, lunch proved it today...

And it was really so simple. As are all the best things in life. I bought some marvellous kiln smoked salmon from a local farm shop and served it with a salad that was light, but satisfying and sexy, as all the best salads are. Pea shoots, baby spinach, rocket and lambs lettuce formed the bed to which I added halved cherry tomatoes, sliced fennel and baby buffalo mozzarella balls. I drizzled my own salad dressing over, lightly – 3 tbsps olive oil, 1 tbsp white wine vinegar, 1 tsp og dijon mustard and a little salt and black pepper.

We had a little olive and sun dried tomato focaccia on the side and the flavours overall were immense. Just sitting here waiting for supper now – neck fillet of lamb in red wine with mint. Wood fire is roaring away and all well with the world – well this particular corner of the world. Happy Wednesday.

5 thoughts on “Life is good, lunch proved it today…

  1. Wow.. I get so happy by this post, I imagine you sitting with the fire enjoying such an amazing meals every day. It makes me smile! I’m very curious about the lamb – red wine – mint combination… Do we have any chance of that recipe popping up on your site once too? 🙂


    • Lovely of you to drop by and thank you for doing so!! Making folk smile is something I value! Scroll down to October 17th and there you will find the recipe for the lamb in red wine and mint. One of my own creations.


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