Normal service soon to be resumed….


Normal service soon to be resumed....

Back home after far too much travelling – credit cards have taken a hammering so it may be beans on toast for the rest of the month! Made my own pizza last night and it was ok – a simple one with serrano ham and mozzarella and rocket. Not the best I have made but I put it down to tiredness and the fact that I was not in a particularly great mood due to watching my soccer team get beaten by some minnows earlier. I wish I did not take it so seriously – but I do. I’m not even a good watcher – whilst the game is on t.v. I get nervous and end up pacing round, tidying up – even tidying the kitchen that does not need tidying! Still, life goes on. Off into the garden now to tidy up and try to rid it of the various triffids and hogweeds that have taken over. Tonight supper will be baby plum toms pan fried in rosemary and garlic and cream with pasta. I will leave you with a few last pics from the trip to the Lakes including a rather humorous snap of a restaurants menu board.



(below) The down side of the journey….a six hour drive and traffic jams on the motorway!


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