10 thoughts on “Tantalising tortilla….

  1. How true, I’m (funnily enough) making two large ones for a summer rounders match this coming Sunday as part of a cold buffet. Served with Aioli, of course. Quite an art to get just right, in that the centre should still be quite gooey. Again, simple food, but awesome flavours! How can you go wrong with pots, onions, eggs and lashings of olive oil! There is a God! Now going to make some Patatas Pobres for my tea, nothing else, just these. Beats a bowl of chips hands down! God I wish I was in Spain again….


  2. Summer must be so good, you’ve forgotten all your Canadian Friends??? I could do with that drink on your balcony too!!! Best wishes!


  3. The scent made it all the way over here all these days later. mmmmm…. Reminds me of this fast aroma story: When the kids were young they’d play in these large soccer (umm, football) tournaments on summer weekends in August. So icky due to long hour in the sun, heat and all the bees… but there were always these vendors set up mid-day with giant flat top grills and they’d start with the onions. A bushel of onions cooking sizzling away in that oil getting everyone hungry. I don’t even eat the chops or sausages they’d cook with the onions but I’d practically want to float over the grass to get in line for… something. Onion sandwich please. I do eat those. Onion, peppers, mushrooms. mmm…


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