Herby Roast Chicken with Pan Fried Veg…


Herby Roast Chicken with Pan Fried Veg...

Perfect celebration for an Ashes win against the Aussies. I had just served lunch and we had downed only a few mouthfuls when Jimmy Anderson delivered the coup de grâce. In the picture above you can see the side dish – I started these off in the oven with the chicken then finished them off in the pan when I added the most delicious sweet cherry organic toms, fresh basil and a whizz of lemon and thyme salt. It is basically a mix of courgettes, aubergine, red onion, garlic and red pepper. The chicken I split open along its back, opened it up to cook quicker, smothered in garlic oil and a combination of cumin seeds, rosemary, oregano and thyme. It looks quite frightening actually – but tasted divine.


7 thoughts on “Herby Roast Chicken with Pan Fried Veg…

  1. Yup! Pissed off Aussies all right! But I’m a British ex-pat in Australia so I’m secretly rejoicing inside 😉 You’re right Keith, that chicken is kinda scary! The marinade sounds delicious though!


    • Ha! Nothing better than to beat the Aussies – I am sure it was tense there! Yes – the bird does look like something from Alien – the way I cut it I guess! But, yes, it was delightfully moist and herby!


      • Yep, tense Aussies everywhere. But hey, it’s a bit of friendly rivalry (motherland vs convict country!). I do the same ‘flattening’ method when I roast my chickens. A bit of alien can be beneficial at times!


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