Hearty Artichoke Bake…


Hearty Artichoke Bake...

We were in need of a simple tasty and quick lunch today – so I turned to a recipe from a South African couple who first served this at a friend’s birthday buffet. The ingredients sound highly implausible – how can they possibly combine to make anything edible – let alone tasty?

Well, my friends, believe me – this is a cracker of a dish – and I certainly could not guess how it was made when I first sampled it. Try it – for lunch, I used the following ingredient amounts which are perfect for a buffet dish- but I split it in to two smaller dishes – cooked one and popped one in the fridge for the weekend. I think you could also fill individual ramekins as a starter too.


1 tin of artichoke hearts
3-6 garlic cloves – I used 4 – up to you how garlicky you feel!
1 430ml bottle of good mayo
1 wedge of parmesan

Drain artichokes and slice in to smaller pieces – add to a bowl.
Slice garlic into slivers and add to the artichokes. Empty the bottle of mayo into the mix and then grate the parmesan wedge in also. Mix it all mellifluously together. Place in to an oven dish and pop into a preheated oven – 180c – for about 20 minutes until the top is golden brown. Let it cool for about 5 – 10 minutes or so.

Serve with lots of good crusty bread. Just dip in and let those flavours hit your t-buds!

I also know a joke about a man called Arty who is hired to kill a good friend’s wife – and he only charges him a pound to do so.
He strangles her in an empty aisle in a local supermarket and also kills an onlooker who tries to stop him- headline in the paper next day ‘Arty Chokes Two for a Pound at Sainsbury’s!’

Ouch!! The recipe is a lot better than the joke – not hard to believe, I hear you say …..ok…I’ll stick to cooking!

5 thoughts on “Hearty Artichoke Bake…

  1. Wow, that’s rich for a meal, we have this dish in Canada but it’s more of an hors d’œuvres that would be shared with 4-6 people. The joke is very cute.


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