Sunny Sardine Saturday…


Sunny Sardine Saturday...

Yay! Holiday time! Been a frantic last few days and nights but now I get to slow down down down! Anyway, yesterday, where I work we had a fabulous lunch out in the scintillating sunshine that showered down on all and sundry. And our catering manager, top bloke, Andy Wright, had ordered a large box of fresh sardines. This is a picture of my second. Grilled to perfection and then a lemon, parsley and rock salt mix scattered over. They just melted in the mouth and, accompanied by a glass or two…maybe more…I forget, of ice cold white wine they were the perfect lunch. I love sardines. Love them. If you are interested please, please see my post on these delicious fish from April.

Right, I’m off to swelter somewhere in my garden. Looking forward to some serious blogging. Hey…and I will be the blogger of the day on Gourmandize UK on July 9th. Please give the interview a read if you get the chance!

3 thoughts on “Sunny Sardine Saturday…

  1. Congratulations on the article. I’ve never had large sardines like that, only the tiny jarred ones in oil, looks delightful though. Lemon, parsley and sea salt are the perfect accompaniment to any fish for sure.


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