Pork life….


Pork life....

I was in a Blur sort of mood on the way to the shops late afternoon…Park Life had been on the radio and I had been happily singing along…so perhaps Blur influenced supper tonight…as I bought some super pork steaks.

I had had a bit of a blitz of a week and wanted something substantial but also zingingly different to my suppers during the week. So, I bought some mushrooms…and some perfect baby leeks that seemed to be winking at me. I slathered – what a wonderful word – the steaks in moutarde de meaux – probably the finest grain mustard you can buy and left them to get familiar. I took the mushrooms and popped a slice of unsalted butter in each cap, and sat them on a slice of the same in an oven proof dish. Then I spooned in some creamy St. Agur – one of my favourite blue cheeses. They went in the oven at 200c for 15 minutes. The steaks went into a hot frying pan of olive oil for 5 minutes whilst they seared, then the heat was turned down to a mid heat until the mushrooms were cooked. For the last 2 minutes I stirred in a couple of tablespoons of double cream. Alongside the shrooms and the mustardy creamy pork I served the baby leeks poached until still al dente.

It was a most satisfying Saturday supper.


5 thoughts on “Pork life….

  1. ‘Whilst they seared’ lol… the way you describe both your motivation for your meal and the recipe itself is delicious. Thanks for sharing!


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