Simple Sunday pleasures…


Simple Sunday pleasures...

Popped in a monster of a leg of lamb at 1.00pm, all smeared in home made tikka sauce, pierced with chiili slices and garlic – more of this later! Now slow roasting….phenom scents emanating from the kitchen…

In the meantime – a quick, tasty lunch was called for, so…a large punnet of the sweetest baby plums I could find, quartered, mixed with Greek basil – those delicate leaves are just divine – a little rock salt and a good drizzling of a fine olive oil. Served on large slices of lightly toasted rustic bread – and – just to spoil ourselves, slices of just wonderful, wonderful Iberico Ham! That will see me through until supper! Off to the bottle bank now to make me feel in touch with my planet!

Then hopefully, some sun in the garden!

7 thoughts on “Simple Sunday pleasures…

  1. Haha… Keith we really are in sync! I spent all of the afternoon slow roasting a melt-in-your-mouth 2.5kg monster lamb shoulder… we ate it with various accompaniments (including my present favourite crisp smoked potatoes with lemon oil and sage, salads and some homemade thick yoghurt with mint) in the company of great friends, with a couple of bottles of good red wine. My in-between lunch was a peanut butter and banana sandwich though. Not nearly as wonderful as this! 🙂


  2. A lovely meal, that I eat often! I wouls add some fresh Buffalo mozzerella & I would be one happy lady & some good Italian red wine in my glass,… 🙂


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