Back Seat Chicken and Rocket Risotto…


Back Seat Chicken and Rocket Risotto...

I came home late this evening…tired and aching….and I took a back seat…my wife had decided to take over the cooking for a night. I sat in the garden, listening to the mid evening bird song, glass of Cabernet Sauvignon in hand and closed my eyes. When I came in, there was supper! I do all the cooking normally, but now and then, Jane does me her speciality – a risotto. I cook them too…but she does them better. We divide the labour well in our house and she is happy that I do all the cooking and food shopping – but it is bliss when she takes over and cooks one of her specials.

1 onion / 75 gm unsalted butter / 400 gm arborio risotto rice / 2 chicken thighs cooked, skinned and meat stripped off / 1.2 litres of chicken stock brought to a simmer and kept there / 2 handfuls of rocket, roughly chopped / 2 tsps crème fraîche / glass of a good white wine / 50 gm parmesan, grated / black pepper

Fry onions in half the butter til soft. Add rice and toast it well til it is sizzling and opaque. Then add the wine and boil for a minute to evaporate the alcohol. Start to add the stock. A ladleful at a time, stirring constantly and making sure the rice absorbs all the liquid before adding any more. The mixture will gradually become smoother and creamier. After 15 minutes or so, when the risotto is ready, add the chicken. Stir round for another 5 minutes. The rice should be still a little firm to the bite. Now stir in the rest of the butter, the rocket, crème fraîche and the parmesan. Add a little black pepper to taste.
Take off the heat and leave to rest for two minutes.

Serve to a hungry and waiting audience who will thank you lots and lots for cooking it for them!! Grazie bella!

13 thoughts on “Back Seat Chicken and Rocket Risotto…

  1. Like the recipe, love the scene you painted, and love the cool title. Who wouldn’t want a rocket risotto?


  2. That risotto looks perfect Keith! Your wife definitely has the technique down pat. Haha… it’s funny, I also took the night off from cooking yesterday. I was really tired after work, went to have a shower and when I emerged… my husband had bought chicken and chips from the nearby takeaway! 😉 Ah bless him. He hates cooking but does all the washing up and looks after me in other ways. Plus, I love some crispy hot chips every now and then… after sitting down with some cold ciders, it was a perfect way to end the day!


  3. Sometimes, we do ned to relax & chill a bit! 🙂 Your wife did a great job! A must make! I am also better in making risottos then my husband! 😉 MMMM!


  4. The thing I love most, Keith, is your narration of the whole process. It makes the food come alive. I can smell everything and even taste it from here. There is nothing to beat simple, and elegant rice dish, with wine, butter and fresh arugula and finished off with crème fraîche and parmesan. I would love to eat this anytime!!! thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend!


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