Meatless Monday….


Meatless Monday....

All the remaining pork from yesterday’s luscious pork loin had been hoovered up either last night or at lunch today so supper ce soir was a frugal affair…. but just as tasty for all that! It was another eve of ‘what is there lurking in the fridge’…..what could be cobbled together to be toothsome and taste bud tingling? Ah! There was half a fennel bulb – and in close proximity a superb solitary salad onion – stood up yesterday but now in favour! And of course there were still 5 or 6 flavoursome tomatoes from the weekend. I whizzed up a simple vinaigrette – chopped up the onion, sliced the toms and finely diced the fennel. All was lovingly mixed together and i served it with croutons – as i had 4 gorgeous small rolls from Saturday left – I had made a salmon mousse for a light lunch and filled the rolls with it – so those that remained tonight I cut into rounds and pan fried in a fragrant olive oil. Result is as the pic above. Plus a few more basil leaves! It was fabulous and alarmingly simple.

Then I recalled that I had made a jar of pesto early Saturday morning, not wishing to waste a large bunch of basil I had on the window sill. And clearly not being in a mood to lie in!


So it came to the rescue and we had it with linguine and more snowfalls of parmesan. Phew! I had sorted supper after all – I just didn’t know it at the time!


4 thoughts on “Meatless Monday….

  1. The ‘what is there lurking in the fridge’ was a success I must say. That bread looks absolutely delicious! Thanks for sharing!!!


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