Stockpot City….


Stockpot City....

Someone asked me the other day bout my reference in my recipes to a stock pot – well, I have 3 and I use these guys almost every day in some way or another. They are SO versatile – each one is a little different in its own way – I bought 2 of them in France and one in Italy and they get on well!

They have different size steamer baskets – one is more of a pasta pot insert. The tall one is ideal for spaghetti and linguine – and they all go in the oven. I could not part with any of them – at Christmas and when I have lots of folk to cook for they come into their own. They have been through a lot with me and never let me down – they are very easy to clean too – well house trained!

They see duty as steamers, casseroles, stew makers, pasta cooks, stock makers, chilli and soup fiends as well as jam making from time to time. The smaller one with the glass lid possibly gets out most – but they all know how vital they are to my kitchen!


5 thoughts on “Stockpot City….

  1. We have an assortment of stock pots in our home. Like you, we use them daily and can’t ever think of giving them up. We steam most of our vegetables, and stockpots are invaluable. I love using them for tenderizing asparagus, then flash cooling with ice water and serving with a touch of lemon juice and salt. Love our stock pots!


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