Now there’s a surprise from Nigel….


Now there's a surprise from Nigel....

I am very fortunate to have the mighty and magnificent Nigel Slater following me on Twitter – I was chatting with him this morning re my breakfast – see previous piece – when he replied as above – and he does not like eggs! How about that! But he did like my photo which made me feel ten foot tall…but clearly can’t tempt him with an oeuf of any kind. But he is a black pud guy which is ok with me – and he did remind me later of his excellent recipe in Kitchen Diaries Volume 2 P 146 (if you have not got this for goodness sake why not – go and buy it now! ) for black pudding in pastry with a mustard sauce. It looks and sounds fab. Right – that’s enough twittering from me for a while. Off to enjoy bank holiday Monday. Out for lunch – then back home to experiment with home grown rhubarb and strawberry vodka for dessert this evening!

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