Sunny Sundays were made for these…


Sunny Sundays were made for these...

Lunch today out in the garden in what felt like the hottest day of the year to date was a simple affair but satisfying and mouth -filling. Not least as I was of a mind to make a plate of bocadillos – literally little mouthfuls. I bought a bag of these rather fab little bread rolls which came in a bag of 13 – a baker’s dozen – I popped them in the oven for 5 minutes at 160c – let them cool a little and filled them with a mix of sweet red chilli peppers called peppadews finely sliced, spring onions finely chopped, some Italian smoked ham, slivers of tomatoes and rocket. The faintest drizzle of olive oil finished them off. You can play about with the fillings – everything from manchego to parma ham to anchovies – just mix in whatever you have in. These are fun sandwiches. We sat out and munched on them with a crisp glass of white to wash them down. I have a new app called Mystic which is very creative when it comes to food photography so this is one of the first experiments with it. Anyways, this has been a good day and I hope you enjoyed your Sunday too. Bless you all!

4 thoughts on “Sunny Sundays were made for these…

  1. That lunch sounded so good, I had dinner on the deck the whole of last week with a different sizzle on the barbecue, each time, the weather was just perfect for outdoor dinners. Come weekend and temperatures dipped but this week things are gonna be fab again. I must check out Mystic. Have a pleasant day!


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