Rack and roll…!


Rack and roll...!

A fizzingly wet Les Miserables of an evening.only one thing to do – whack in a juicy rack of spring lamb from my good friends at Parsonage Farm. Ah, but as always, what to diddle with it? To my joy, there in the corner of the veg rack is a paper bag of gorgeous Jersey royals. I slice them all in half, parboil them for ten minutes then pan fry them in my wok in aromatic olive oil.

The rack of lamb – I made a few slices in it, rubbed it with olive oil, salt, pepper and rosemary. 25 minutes sunning itself in the oven would do the trick. Feeling greedy, I took a bag of alluring chestnut mushrooms, pan fried them in chiili salt and oil. I had already put a pan of tomato sauce on – a green chilli – pierced – a clove of garlic – olive oil and a good 400gm of tinned toms. Cooked it for the time the lamb was in til it was mesmerisingly unctuous. Served it all in a dish – pink fragrant spring lamb, so tasty my family were almost purring.


A little Oasis in the background added a little more rock and roll and warmth to the evening. And of course a delicious bottle of creamy Cab Sauv.

Oh..and I forgot to mention – whilst I was cooking, I fancied a tapas – there was a bowl loitering in the fridge of the leftovers from my wife’s excellent chicken risotto from last night. So – it called to me. I rolled it into 12 little balls and pan fried it for a mock arancini starter – stunning with a crisp glass of white.

It may have been raining outside – but in here – it was all sunshine, rock and roll, spring lamb and wine!

7 thoughts on “Rack and roll…!

  1. This rib rack is a keeper, wow! if only I could have m’self a rib..the photo of the rib rack is absolutely gorgeous, like I mentioned before your photos have improved tremendously. This blog has a new, fresh, and inviting look. It’s a favourite hang-out for me! Thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend. Cheers!


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