Raving Raspberries Batman, it’s clafoutis time!


Raving Raspberries Batman, it's clafoutis time!

I did this a few nights ago and wanted to share with you this pic of the raspberries macerating…the smell was divine and the pud turned out very well too. The recipe I used was from Daniel Galmiche. It is simple and satisfying to make and delicious to dive into! Ok..enough with the fancy pants alliteration…the recipe!
250 gm rasbobs
Zest of 1 cheeky lime
125 gm of caster sugar
25 gm melted butter
25 gm softened butter
85gm plain flour
Pinch of salt
1 egg
1 egg yolk
300 ml of full fat milk – the proper stuff!

Oven set to 180c. Raspberries, lime zest and 2 tbsps of sugar all go into a bowl. Gently mix and set to one side for 15 minutes. Grease an oval oven dish with the softened butter. Sprinkle another 3 tbsps of sugar around insides of the dish. Sift the flour& salt into a mixing bowl. In a second bowl whisk the eggs and remaining sugar as slowly as poss. Once it is smooth, slowly add the milk, stirring until you have a nice batter mix. Add the melted butter gently and combine.
Put the rasbobs in the oval dish and mix to get all the juices flowing! Pour in the batter mix over the red gems and bake in the oven for 25 minutes until golden brown and set. Serve with a little cream or crème fraîche. A raspberry dish to ripple your taste buds!

4 thoughts on “Raving Raspberries Batman, it’s clafoutis time!

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