Spring Pea Side Dish


Spring Pea Side Dish

Peas always put me in a quandary – never quite sure when people serve me them just on their own as a side dish what to make of them, let alone how to eat them! I like mushy peas, being a Mancunian by birth, and I like the colour they add to paella. I love them in risotto. But on their own? Well, to go with our wonderful belly pork yesterday, I thought I would  give the humble pea a second coming. See if I could convince myself that they are a proper vegetable and can hang with the big boys of the green world. So, although this is one I am looking forward to making with the first crop of fresh peas this summer, I decided to experiment with frozen petit poids. I simmered them, then in a pan I fried a courgette sliced and cubed in olive oil, with 3 finely chopped spring onions and a clove of garlic chopped. Once the courgette was nicely golden I added the drained peas, a little s & p. The flavours were terrific – and the peas did their bit. It went very well with the sweet potato that sat alongside the pork – and I reckon it is a simple side dish that would go well with many meats – and even some fresh fish. I even think I could happily eat a bowl of this on its own too – or with pasta. Cue the pea jokes – it was apPEAling, a fine recipea etc etc – oh dear-time to sign off – but do give it a go!

4 thoughts on “Spring Pea Side Dish

  1. I love green peas and courgette. I always add green peas to my rice, it enhances flavour, and also enhances the look of the rice. I have just woken up, not had breakfast yet so this makes me really hungry….


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