Trout with pasta…no? Really? Oh yes! A velvet inferno….

Last night, ’twas another late night supper – and another ‘what the heck have I got in the fridge’ moment –  and I really was in the mood for something with a bit of zing, a bit of velvet inferno. It was definitely a night for a zingy something or other. There, nestling at the bottom of the fridge, trying to mind their own business were 4 trout fillets that I bought last Monday afternoon – and there was green chilli and….well, that was it. So…I wrapped the fillets in foil with a little butter, and made a tomato sauce with the finely sliced chilli. It was actually quite pokey without taking my breath away – just enough not to mask the flavour of the trout. In the cupboard there is always lots of pasta of all shapes and sizes but for some reason my eyes alighted on a bag of macaroni – perfect. I wanted something that was going to match the delicacy of the fish-chilli and trout – yes – the velvet inferno may yet be possible.  Pasta went on the plates and then I cut the fillets into three pieces and arranged them on top of the pasta – then ladled over the wonderfully zingy sauce. Ok..the pic below may not do it justice – it may not be Picasso on a plate…but it was poetry for the palate…..


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