Hasta Pasta…


Hasta Pasta...

Supper last night was a ‘what’s in the fridge ‘supper. And what was lurking in the fridge was one of my favourite veg – asparagus. So, into the pan went two slices of smoked bacon, chopped, then after a minute I added one clove of garlic finely chopped, one red chilli chopped. I steamed the asparagus then cut it into 5 cm pieces and added it to the other ingredients. A little drizzle of olive oil before serving on a bowl of pasta with lots of good parmesan grated over. I was stuck for a name for this dish – asparagus looks like a spear – I remembered the Latin for spear was hasta..so Hasta Pasta it is!!

8 thoughts on “Hasta Pasta…

  1. A quick random comment trying to help more people find your yummy blog. Thanks for liking my post yesterday. When I visited you gravatar to see who you were, to thank you, there was no link to your blog there. I read your bio, and found the text title, but I’m a patient researcher that way and a lot of people wouldn’t. So maybe, revisit that, and you’ll get more visitors here (you already have a lovely group of commenters!). Food looks great!


    • Thank you so much for your kind words and your VERY helpful advice! I have made changes – please , if you get a chance, see if it now looks ok! Your blog looks great!


  2. This “whats in the fridge supper” sure does look appetizing. I love green veges, I adore fusilli. You must have enjoyed this dinner, and to imagine that even the plate matches the content….


    • Words like this make it all worthwhile. Thank you so much for taking the time, Karen, to visit my site and comment. It is very much appreciated. I hope I can share ideas with you again in the future!


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