Tolkien was here….oh..and CS Lewis…


Tolkien was here....oh..and CS Lewis...

Yes, back we trolled to the Eagle and Child in Oxford today..and sat in the exact spot where these 2 learned folk used to sit every Tuesday from the late 40s until 1963. This time I sampled one of their home made burgers, which was fine – when I say their -I do not mean Tolkien and Lewis – they stopped burger making long ago – if they ever did – which I doubt. Anyway – I digress. Something very mellow about the pub – you can easily imagine them chewing over Aslan‘s fate- or debating good against evil in the Shires. The staff are all quite chilled and it isn’t gimmicky, which it easily could be e.g bar staff dressed as elves or orcs or drinks called Wardrobe Brew….phew! Rambled round the Covered Market afterwards -found a butcher to whom I must return who does goat! Hurrah! Though, oddly, as you will see in the photo when it goes up, it is placed in close proximity to a haggis….is there a link? And he did pigs trotters for a pound each and skinned rabbits for a fiver. Bought a large bunch of dried wheat to hang in the kitchen….always seem to come home with one peculiar item. Right, off to peruse some recipe books and then out for a walk before tonight’s big match!

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