My Tomato and dill sauce…

So, if any of you want this recipe here it is. You will want it, even if you think you will not. Tis adaptable also! Ok. Get yourself a pan. Drizzle olive oil in and add a red chilli, in which you have made a few incisions. Add a clove of garlic. Then take a good handful of dill and chop. Add this to the pan. Heat through but do not let it sizzle. Then add 2 400gm of good quality Italian chopped tomatoes – I use Napolina. Pop a lid on and simmer for at least 30 minutes.

Add a little sugar and a tablespoon of tomato sauce. Taste and adjust seasoning as you fancy. Remove the garlic and red  chilli before using. You can use the red chilli chopped in a future pasta dish. This is a great stock tom sauce. You could use basil or coriander instead of dill – but this is for the Sea Bass dish from April 6th. Enjoy. Revel in its deliciousness.

4 thoughts on “My Tomato and dill sauce…

  1. Not sure I understand this…I rarely use dill but it is wonderful with fish in a sauce like this..or with a salmon steak wrapped in foil with a little dash of white wine and baked in the oven..why not like dill?


  2. It’s not that it isn’t a nice flavor, or that I dislike it per se, but it seems you guys use it more often on your side of the pond. Is that my mis-impression?


  3. I have to say, it doesn’t crop up that often in British cooking – mainly used in gravadlax with salmon – so not that popular. Its aniseed flavour makes it unpopular with many!


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